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Oh, how wonderful! I can't wait to see the entire collection. I look forward to seeing your new stamps every January. Thanks for the sneak peak.


Oh happy day...these are amazing Catherine!

Nancy Wethington

These are fabulous!

Catherine Moore

Thank you! Can't wait to share the whole cast of characters.

Catherine Moore

Thank you for stopping by to check them out!


I am super psyched about this new collection. Can't wait to see all the fabulous plates!!


They look beautiful, and I love them - hope they´ll be available here in Germany ...

Catherine Moore

Hello Marion. Currently there are no shops in Germany carrying Character Constructions. I would love to make them available in Germany. Do you know of any stores in your area. I will send them the catalog. Otherwise, you can always purchase them from me. I ship all over the world via USPS Priority mail flat rate.


They are out of this world wonderful Catherine!
So excited................thank you once again for sharing your talents with all of us stampers!


I love them! When can we order them?

Laura Haviland

Your hints of steakpunk are just in my artful dreams come true.You really captured the magical Louis Vitton's inspired fashion statement.The catalog cover design is so stunning. I look forward to see the entire collection,thank you for the sneak peak.


Hi Catherine! WOW!!! New collection is Gorgeous as always:) I cannot wait until January....!!


Ich warte...warte...warte... :-)

Cynde Skelly

Catherine,I am awaiting your new line of stamps. I have been working on a book-journal for my grandaughter for some time now and your stamps will give me the jump I've been waiting for. The theme happens in my garden with a magical cast of "CHARACTERS" YOURS!
Thanks for your dedication.


Thanks for your comment answering mine - that caused me to ask my favourite German shop owner, and I was so happy to read that she´ll sell your stamps soon! Can´t wait!

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