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Lana Kloch

merci catherine for describing how you incorporate your personal journey into this wonderful kit you composed for all of us.

each page is done w/ thoughtfulness. it's as if you are decorating a room: color, texture, layering, adding personal touches... each page is a gift.

you have done a wonderful piece of art and shared it with us. wish so many others could have accompanied us on this journey and have had an extraordinary kit designed by you. au revoir mon ami

kathy mcelroy

What fun! Loved reading all about your exciting adventure. I'm so jealous. Thanks for sharing.


Oh my Catherine! I love your Journal and I love how you described how you used color to chapter your journey! Thank you for sharing your Artful Journey to Paris with all of us!


Squeeeeal!! This is so fabulous! I love the wonderful pages and all the cool images and stamps you used. Glad you liked the POGO printer and found it useful for your travels. What a fantastic rememberance of your time in Paris.


Tres belle! What a wonderful journal and project to share! Patsy from HeARTworks

Fran M

Merci, Catherine, for sharing your beautiful journal and how you put together the kits. Hope your next issue of stamps incorporates some of these items - the chest and hats for example.

Linda Warlyn

Catherine, this journal is just tres, tres luscious! I marveled over each and every spread...loved that I could click and get a close up look at every beautiful detail...and the colors!! I am very tickled that the little stow-away merited a page of her own...she REALLY did get to go with you! Merci! xox


Très joli ! j'aime beaucoup le côté nostalgique du Paris où tu nous ballades.... Merci


How beautiful!!!

Sherry Reiber

Catherine your book is beautiful I am inspired Thanks for posting

Sharon Harbolt

Your book of France would inspire anyway but especially me. It is one of the most awesome and creative books I have ever laid eyes on. Thank you sooo very much for sharing,

Sharon Harbolt

Catherine Moore

Just want to say Merci Beaucoup to everyone for all the nice comments. ~ Catherine


Hallo Catherine,

was für schöne Arbeiten,wunderbar.
Ich kann fast alles lesen mit dem Google-Übersetzer.

Danke für alles...
ich wünsche dir schöne Ostern

John Smolts

What fun! Loved reading all about your exciting adventure. Thanks for sharing.

Beatrice Lombard

Bonjour Catherine! J'aime l'image sur la couverture du journal et de la publicité d'atelier de Paris. Savez-vous d'où il est ?

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