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Your new collection is so charming! I love Paris and so many of the things you listed in your post. (Macarons are my all time favorite!) I just added a few of the books you mentioned to my Christmas wish list. Looking forward to your new release. Happy Holidays!


Wonderful! Delightful as always. You are truly gifted and we are all so fortunate to be able to share in your inspiration.
I too loved reading Julie & Julia and look forward to owning the movie. It was wonderful.


Catherine, I'm looking forward to seeing the whole collection! I might have to re-make my 'Let them eat Cake' postcard so that I can use your cake and pudding stamps on it next time round!


I love Macarons too!!
These look wonderfully delicious!!
Thank you for inspiring us with your muse!!
Think Good Thoughts


Squeal...I just went on a search to see if you might have a sneak peek posted and I AM SO EXCITED!! I just love everything (but you knew I would) and can hardly wait to see all the amazing images you have created in this new collection. A cooking/pastry theme is PERFECTION and I know will be a terrific seller!!!

Geralyn Gray

Oh my gosh I bought "I love Macarons "today and just finished it---so glad they made the recipes for Americans.....I can't wait to have a day to try to make them......My husband and I are talking Italy in our future......and I want to go to Paris again.....I can't wait to hear what you have in the future.....I will start wishing on stars now.

Lisa Super

I've been checking your blog regularly in hopes of seeing a sneak peek (you had said January for the latest a few months back so I knew it would be soon).
You have not disappointed, I can't wait to see the rest and get my hands on them!


Can't wait...so lovely.
Happy Holidays! Andra

Laura Haviland

Oh Catherine,this new collection is "fabulous". I am so excited, can't wait.You never stop amazing me with your clever talented. Your stamp collections give me such happiness. I was very sick and now getting back to being on line again. What a lovely surprise,new stamps to look forward too.
Happy Holidays,Big Hugs Laura. xoxx No way new stamps, can't wait !! LOL

Nancy Dooren

I love your new collection!!! I can't wait when it's january 2010! ;-)

Hugs, Nans


I really love this new stamp collection! I will definitely be ordering this one!

Happy holidays to you and yours!!

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