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Looks like a wonderful book. I really enjoyed In This House, so I look foward to reading this one too. Too bad about The Duchess. I really want to see the movie, but I am sorry to hear that it is depressing.


Catherine: Congratulations on the "In Your Garden" book!! I have pre-ordered it from Amazon.... I can hardly wait to see the amazing artwork!

Kathy McElroy

I can't wait to get this book! It looks wonderful.


Yeh I found that movie upsetting too. I had presumed somehow that anything associated with Keira would be uplifting.

I found myself using a posted of her as the duchess to help me learn about drawing and painting faces.

I invite you to have a look. I'm very happy with it.

I had my own sad 'duchess' story and I feel reclaimed and renewed.

my queen

Gina Smith

What a gorgeous book! I am so excited! I have In This House. PS- Check out Altered Art Circus Feb 09. I have a Marie sculpture in it!

deirdra Doan

I love your garden...look forward to seeing it in the book...I liked the movie the duchess...I guess it was the visuals that moved me...but the story was moving...life is powerful...have you seen "Dangerous Beauty"?

deirdra Doan

Thank you for the comments. I will make some more dolls and then try Esty. Please let me know what you think of "Dangerous Beauty" It is filmed in Venice my favorite place...Her story is in a book called "the honest courtesan" kinda of like a big heavy text book but helps you understand the movie in a deeper way. Women have had a very hard time in the past.

Jen Crossley

Your new book looks amazing cant wait to get it

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