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Those cookies look more like "art" than cookies and it was definitely the scene with the shoes and the cakes and petit four that I found the most "fun" in the film -- the most decadent and rich!! Thank you for sharing the recipe (I'd be afraid ordering the cookies would be difficult and who wants a stale cookie?!)...a must try.

Funny that you are mentioning Tea Time...I've never seen this magazine here which doesn't mean it isn't carried but I'm looking for it. One of my friends has products listed in the magazine which she sells through a company called Shabbyfufu -- no credit was given for where they could be purchased so I 'knew' about this before you mentioned it. What are the odds that I would hear about an obscure (to me) magazine twice in a few weeks?!? Seems like someone is trying to tell me to get the magazine!! LOL!! :)

Catherine Moore

I have found Tea Time on the magazine stands at my local food market. My interest in tea ceremonies dates to a Victorian Bridal Tea I hosted for my youngest sister back in the 80s, but my personal preference is the Japanese tea, and I usually bring a tetsubin up to the studio when friends visit. We have quite a few little tea shops located in old renovated Victorians here in Georgia. That can be a lot of fun when you are with girlfriends, as they usually offer hats and beads and other frilly things to wear during your tea parties (or not). The magazine is really geared to someone who likes hostessing lavish formal tea parties, but occasionally I find a recipe or two that is not too fussy or too rich to enjoy. Tea is another one of my obsessions . . .


Thank you so much for posting this recipe! I will be trying them soon! My husband and I will be visiting Paris (a first time for the both of us) in April. Laduree, Pierre Herme and Mariage Frere, as well as Versailles, are all on our itinerary. Our wedding reception was a tea held at night in a garden, so our trip will be a tea pilgrimage of sorts! We are also huge fans of "Marie Antoinette" so visiting Versailles seems like a must. I really love your stamps and your blog. Thanks again for all the beautiful art and thoughts!

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

Oh my! These look wonderful!! I have always wanted to try making these. Thanks for posting this recipe. I'm going to try to get the almond flour locally and see if I can make them in the next few day.

Nancy :~)


these look amazing, but for me it is always "a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips". I guess that is why spinning was invented!

Kathy Mc

These sounds and look yummy. Life is grand when you can have a little indulgence every once in awhile.


Catherine, I was "raised" on tea -- many hours spent sitting around the table with a pot always full, a kettle always on the boil...at that point it was always orange pekoe (good old Red Rose Tea!)...now I've branched out and try different kinds all the time.
And now that you mention tea houses as such, there is a great little place in the Beach area of Toronto where I love to buy my loose tea called "Pippins" and I have a feeling the proprieter may carry Tea Time! I'm going to find out (after I make a trip to my local "Chapters" this afternoon!). I've never tried Japanese so that is something new to add to my list!


You are an angel printing this recipe, I can't wait for the weekend to try these little puffs of heaven.
I am in your debt
Hugs Lynn xx


I would kill for one of those macaroons, but I guess i'll just have to make some, heehee. Thank you for sharing the recipe, I can't wait to give it a shot.

Also, i'm very glad to see you have a blog- i've been popping in and out of your website and admiring your work for about a year now! But your new stamp collection is just a feast for the brain!


ohhhhhhh, why O why am I reading this before bed?!! Now I want these morsels.....my mouth is watering. You are a temptress!! :)
xo Rella


I received my Tea Time magazine and I'm going to make these. I do have a question....it looks like the cookies are frosted? Are they? And if so, where is the recipe for the frosting? I have a tearoom and I would love to serve these to my guests.


Speaking from experience, the macaroons from Laduree stay rather fresh for a couple days.

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